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February 2012

In this edition of the Affiliate Buzz podcast James and Arlene talk Mikki Hogan on what it takes to put together a quality eBook from vision to completed product.

When it comes to writing an eBook people typically take one of two positions, they are either terrified of the idea procrastinate or they see it as a talent outside their skillset and don’t bother to consider it. During this edition of the Affiliate Buzz James, Arlene and Mikki share their experiences of crafting an eBook to take away some of the mystery and intimidation.

Arlene shares the motivation behind her eBook “Getting Adam Back: A Mother’s Triumph Over Epilepsy” and Autism. For her the Book began as a need to share her trials, fears and successes so that other families could have a trustworthy guide in their own battles with epilepsy. Read the full article →

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The Lights Are Going Out in Georgia – Geek Dads Weekly #113

by Daniel M. Clark on February 29, 2012

In which Daniel, Drew and Greg discuss the upcoming tragic demise of affiliate marketing in Georgia, streaming live video, and choosing the right HDTV for your home.

Although we were recording the show on video this time… there were issues. The battery in my Zi8 died before I realized that I hadn’t plugged it in properly to AC. This is the first time that we streamed out to though, so you can watch my part of it on my QAQN page there. Next week I’ll double check the main camera so I can bring the whole crew together.

Greg went to the capitol building in Atlanta to protest House Bill 993, sponsored by Rep. Matt Ramsey. This is Georgia’s version of the Affiliate Tax/Amazon Tax/Nexus Tax that has already passed in several other states (though it has been defeated in several others). Greg’s takeaway? Georgia is screwed. We spent a good 30 minutes or so hashing this out. Read the full article →

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