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September 2011

Featured Topic: In the second installment of this series, Mike and Traci discuss ways in which you can re-purpose your content on Facebook and LinkedIn. From participating in groups to answering questions and referring to your existing blog posts, there are plenty of ways to increase the mileage of your content without coming across as “spammy.”

How the Heck Do I Do That?: In this week’s HTH feature, we share another link shortening tool to help make that unsightly Google+ link a bit more memorable. We encourage you to head over to and reserve your preferred user name even if you’ve already started using another tool to shorten the URL. It’s important from a branding standpoint to protect your name here as well.

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Neanderthal Marketing #24: Get More Mileage Out of Your Content

by Traci Hayner Vanover on September 29, 2011

Featured Topic: In this first of a new series, Mike and Traci discuss a few clever methods for garnering more mileage from your existing blog content. From disseminating blog posts to social networks like Twitter, to sharing content through sites like, you have many options available to you. This episode is truly in the spirit of our show — we want you to be able to “rock your business, without reinventing the wheel.” We even talk about how you can curate some of your existing blog posts, and turn them into a viral marketing tool.

How the Heck Do I Do That?: When we say the words “social commerce,” most folks have one of two responses — the first being, “you mean Facebook credits?” and the second one being a completely blank stare. Traci stumbled upon, and was immediately impressed with the concept. For marketers interested in building buzz and social proof, this free tool is a creative alternative to asking for optins in exchange for free reports, ebooks, and the like.

Links Mentioned This Episode: Our pal Dave Thackeray has started a new series for podcasters and it’s a great introduction if you’re looking to start a podcast. Look for his series, Ultimate Audio Guide To Producing Popular Podcasts, at Read the full article →

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