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July 2011

Be a Better Podcaster #7 – Are We Still Podcasters?

by Daniel M. Clark on July 28, 2011

If you produce a live show, are you a podcaster? Or are you more?

I’m not so sure. Now that I’m doing all my QAQN shows live, I’ve started thinking about what I am. Am I still a podcaster? If a podcast is a non-streamed webcast, as defined by Wikipedia (a definition I agree with) then clearly doing my shows live isn’t podcasting. The shows are still available as podcasts after the fact – as evidenced by this very thing you’re reading right now. But am I a podcaster just because I release a show as a podcast that had been recorded live?

I’d love your opinion about this. Please head to the comments and chime in! Read the full article →

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In which Daniel, Joe and Drew give away $2,200 worth of passes to Affiliate Summit, talk about Captain America and Chevy Camaros. This was quite possibly the most American show we’ve ever done. Pass the apple pie.

This episode was broadcast live. Check out QAQN Live! for show schedules and live chat.

The puppet that opened the show. Read the full article →

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