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October 2010

It’s the Thursday episode with Daniel and Joe!

We began this week with a bit about recording a podcast using a USB microphone, Apple’s Camera Connection Kit and an iPad, including a bit that I recorded at a session at Shareasale Think Tank (cameos here by Jason Rubacky, Shawn Collins, and Chris Pearson).

Next is discussion of social media and networks. Are there too many? How many do average users use, and what would it take to get someone to use a new one? Is that even possible? Read the full article →

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In this edition of the Affiliate Buzz James Martell, successful publisher, speaker and author and his wife and co-host Arlene Martell host a “roundtable” style interview with three first time attendees as they share tidbits, nuggets and important take always from the ShareASale Think Tank 2010.

One thing the Think Tank is known for is its beautiful venues and memorable days. These new attendees Stan Horst from, Kimila McConnell from and Kimberly Juchnowski from,  jump right in to share their take on the mesmerizing hotel, view of the ocean and the first night reception..

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