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October 2009

As the show opens, you might hear audio from the PBS Kids show Super Why in the background. Ian was watching it as I was recording, and Joe and I kicked off with a short chat about programming for kids on the various networks. I reference an article that I wrote a couple of years ago called State of the Union: Modern Kids Television.

Evgenii “Geno” Prussakov, the founder and president of AM Navigator, is (was, depending on when you read this) running a contest that I wrote about in a previous post. Winter’s response to the question “what does Daddy do for a living?” was basically, “Mommy makes the money, Daddy spends it.” Ah, a show title. Perfect.

Will our kids deal in cash when they get older? Will their concept of money be limited to balances on a plastic card that they will swipe whenever they need? The ultimate iPhone app? One that connects securely to any cash register and transmits payments. Zap! Groceries paid for. Awesome. I have a feeling we’re not too far away from that. Joe talks about getting himself into a situation on a toll road because he doesn’t carry cash on a regular basis. Neither do I. Read the full article →

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Ten Golden Rules Internet Marketing Podcast – Episode 45

by Jay Berkowitz on October 29, 2009

Part 2 of our conversation with Mitch Joel Author Six Pixels of Separation, Strategies for site moves and 301 ReDirects, Personal Branding, Mind Mapping, Website Design Tips, Blog or Podcast of the Week, Inbound Marketing, Talk Show Tips, Dealing with Digital Overload, Digital Security, Information Overload Song-of-the-Week David Usher’s The Music. Special GoToMeeting Offer 45 Days Free with code GOLDEN, Call in line 206-888-6606

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