Amplify Podcast goes to Podcast Movement

by Dan Morris on June 13, 2015

Amplify100 On this episode of the Amplify Podcast we talk with Jared Easley about Podcast Movement. Who should you try to meet there and why? What makes some of the speakers special? What makes them amazing individuals?

Got 22 minutes to get smarter? I’m afraid you can’t afford not to. Listen to this week’s episode.

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Welcome to the PMA Industry Report. PMA Board of Directors member, Angel Djambazov of Lab6 Media, hosts this episode which includes Publisher Recruitment Council Members: Carrol Lee, Business Development Specialist, for Schaaf-Partner Centric and Meaghan Causton, Publisher Development, for All Inclusive Marketing.

Today’s discussion centers on a new informative one sheet created by PMA Publisher Recruitment Council that outlines the benefits of performance marketing and the affiliate channel for bloggers. We go in-depth covering topics including:

  • how affiliate marketing can empower bloggers;
  • advantages of performance marketing over more popular monetization channels like AdWords;
  • ways to find the right advertising partner;
  • flexible types of ad units a blogger can use;
  • and FTC disclosure when using affiliate links

Resources covered in this podcast include:

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